What Does the Blue Dot Mean on iPhone?

Most people notice a blue dot appearing besides some of the applications on their iPhone. Hence, it is obvious to ask “What do the dots under my apps mean?“. So, let us answer this question in the easiest way possible.

What Does a Blue Dot Mean?

The blue dot is nothing but an indicator that the given app(s) has been updated in recent times. Thus, every time you update any app on your device to the latest version. You will see a small blue dot appearing next to its name.

All kinds of apps receive updates every now and then. These might comprise additional features for better user experience or bug fixes. As a result, it is necessary to update each of your apps on a consistent basis. At times, a specific application may not even function properly till you update it to the latest version.

At times, the updates to specific apps may even trigger a few problems. Hence, some people like to disable the auto-update feature on their iPhone. As long as the operating system of your iPhone is at default, the auto-update feature will be turned off. The user may turn it on if required. You may elect to manually or automatically update your apps as per your likings.

How to Manually Update Your iPhone Apps?

  1. Launch the App Store.
  2. Click on Updates.
  3. Here, you can manually update each application one by one or choose the ones from the list requiring an update.

How to Automatically Update Your iPhone Apps?

  1. Visit the Settings section.
  2. Click on iTunes and App Stores.
  3. Move to the Automatic Downloads section.
  4. Toggle App Updates to On.

Why Do I Get a Blue Dot on my iPhone Photos?

Sometimes, you may even encounter a blue dot appearing on your iPhone photos. What does it indicate? A blue dot on iPhone photos is simply a lens flare. This is common for most iPhone models. The blue dot on iPhone photos may appear in all lenses at some angles that are pointed towards the sunlight.

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