Where do I find clipboard on the iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user then you may be unable to find the clipboard on your iPhone. If you are using any chat or social media apps like WhatsApp or Facebook and copying any text to paste somewhere then it might be impossible to find it later on if overwritten with the newly copied text. Here we are going to cover where to find clipboard on an iPhone.

What is Clipboard?

The clipboard also referred to as pasteboard, is a location on your phone or computer memory which stores the data temporarily that was cut or copied from a page, app or document. You can copy the copied text to multiple locations if stored in the clipboard. Clipboard stores the data until you cut or copy a new text or restart your device. You can access your clipboard easily if you are using windows OS but here we are talking about where do I find the clipboard on my iPhone.

Where is the Clipboard on my iPhone?

There is no direct way to view or access the clipboard App and to see what is copied inside it. After you cut or copy something on your iPhone, it gets stored in a temporary location of memory for later use. iPhone let you use the copied data in multiple apps, documents or multiple locations until you empty the clipboard or new data is cut or copied. iPhone doesn’t have any app or functionality to access the clipboard or view the data inside it. In this topic, we will discuss how to use and delete data inside clipboard and alternatives to the clipboard in an iPhone.

How to Use Clipboard in an iPhone?

As discussed above clipboard is a virtual memory location. It holds the copied data until you erase or copies new data. Clipboard allows you to store text or links. To store data, simply select the text by holding on the text on your iPhone screen. Choose cut or copy and data will be stored inside the clipboard. You can access this data until you delete it or copies new text. To paste data in other app or notes, simply hold on the text field on-screen on that app and choose paste.

How to Save Clipboard data in iPhone?

At a time only one data entry can be stored on the clipboard. If you want to save the data stored in your clipboard, then you can use inbuilt apps like notes. In notes app, create a new note. Double-tap the screen and choose paste to store the clipboard data in notes. Every time you can use the same method to store clipboard data in notes app of your iPhone for later use.

Third-party alternatives to iPhone Clipboard

If you are using the notes app to store clipboard data then it may be time-consuming. You have to create new note every time and it may quite hard to find the stored data. If you need to store the data on a regular basis, then you may need the apps designed for this specific purpose. We have selected two apps basis on their easy to use interface and functionality.

First one is Clipboard++.

Clipboard++ iphone app

It let you edit or save your clipboard entries for later use. This app is easily compatible with IOS 7.0 or later, iPad and iPod touch. Clipboard++ is available for free on AppStore. The best thing is it’s easy to use interface which let you store and access your entries easily.

Second is Copied.

copied clipboard on the iphone

It let you save text, links and images copied from any app as clippings. You can edit/save or easily manage the snippets and can sync lists and clippings across all IOS and macOS devices. With a lot of functionalities, this app is compatible it IOS 10 or above, iPad and iPod touch and available for free on AppStore.

Use Universal Clipboard on iPhone

Universal clipboard let you use clipboard data across all your Apple devices. If you are using iOS 10, iPadOS 13, macOS 10.12 or above on your Apple devices, then for the universal clipboard to work, you must be signed in with the same Apple ID on all your devices. Your devices must be connected to the wifi or must within the Bluetooth range to each other. Cut and copy any text from one device, then paste it on another device and vice versa.

Delete Clipboard Data

To delete data stored on the clipboard of your iPhone, open any App which has a text field such as iMessage or Notes App or browser address bar. Tap on the empty field and tap space bar 2 times. Hold on the empty space field and choose copy. The blank space will be copied onto your iPhone clipboard and it will remove the last entry from your clipboard. And now if you try to paste last entry nothing will be pasted.

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