How Long Does it Take for an iPhone to Charge?

To start with, we want to make one thing clear. Each iPhone model is likely to have a different charging time. The original chargers from Apple are quite sophisticated and feature additional circuits for accommodating Li-Ion charging. In case you’re using a charger from another brand, it might overcharge the iPhone battery reducing its shelf life to a great extent. So, the answer to “How Long Does it Take for an iPhone to Charge” may depend on the iPhone model and also the type of charger you are using.

How Long Does it Take for an iPhone to Charge when Dead?

As long as you plug in the charger at least a millisecond before it reaches its shutdown limitation, everything should be fine. It doesn’t require a shut down as there will be adequate power to it running.

On the contrary, if you start charging your iPhone after it’s dead, then some limitations will be added to make sure things stay well when you power the phone up the next time.

People who’re using cheap chargers from other brands may soon end up damaging the battery of their device. Even though it may be tempting to purchase a generic charger if you leave behind the original cord or lose it, you must also know the risks associated with it. A charger that is compatible with your device doesn’t always guarantee its safety after all.

A basic charger may also put an excessive charging into your iPhone, causing its battery to reach extreme temperatures. Chargers that are approved by Apple itself are safe since they’re manufactured specifically for an iPhone.

How Long Does it Take for an iPhone to Charge 50%?

It may take around 60-90 minutes for an iPhone to reach 50% if you’re using an old model with a regular charger.

The latest iPhone 11 Pro Max & 11 Pro can be charged to 50% within 30 minutes using the 18 Watt charger.

How Can I Get my iPhone to Charge Faster?

One of the quickest ways to charge your iPhone(applicable for iPhone X, XR, XS, 8, and 8 Plus) is using their quick charge feature. But, you’ll require a Type C USB cable and USB C Power charger. The combination can charge the device from zero to 50% inside 30 minutes.

The latest iPhone 11 Pro Max & 11 Pro already comes with a quicker 18 Watt charger. iPhone 11, on the opposite side, will have a regular 5 Watt charger, which is standard for the previous iPhones.

How Long Does it Take for an iPhone to Charge to 100%?

A regular charger may take anywhere between 2-3 hours for an iPhone to completely charge to 100%.

People who don’t have any of the above-mentioned tools can still quickly charge an iPhone using an iPad charger. The iPad charger is faster as compared to the basic charger you receive with the device. A 12 Watt iPad charger could charge your iPhone from 0 to 100% almost 33% quicker as compared to a stock 5 Watt charger.

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