How to Delete Playlist on iPhone?

Most people enjoy playing songs on their iPhone whenever they get some free time from their busy schedule. Playlists offer several advantages, for example, they let you listen to popular music tracks from your favourite genre & artists with a single click.

However, there are some issues in regards to playlists on an Apple phone. One of them is you cannot remove the inbulit playlists from your device to get additional space when you don’t require it. This can be quite annoying. There are many ways for you use for delete playlists from your iPhone. Here, we will answer “how to delete a playlist on the iPhone” in easy to understand words.

How Do I Delete Playlists from My iPhone on iTunes?

To start with, we’ll discuss how you can delete any playlist from your device via iTunes. This is a good idea but can be slightly challenging for some people. You must know how synchronization on iTunes works. People who’ve turned on automatic sync will find that the iPhone will automatically synchronize with iTunes the moment it’s connected to the PC. So, you need to be cautious whilst deleting iPhone playlists on iTunes.

  • Using a lightning cable, connect your iPhone to the desktop. If iTunes does not start automatically, you should manually launch it on the desktop.
  • Next, tap on the Library once it’s detected by iTunes.
itunes iphone library
  • Choose “Music playlists” on the left side of the window.
  • Choose the playlists that you wish to delete. Right-click on the playlist name and click Delete From Library (Note: Make sure you have downloaded the song to the library before deleting playlist).
itunes delete iphone library

If auto-sync is on, then you will see the playlist is removed from your device.

How Do I Delete Playlists from Apple Music?

The Music app on your iPhone comes with in-built playlists. Since these playlists are created by default, they cannot be deleted. However, you’re also provided with an option to create a custom playlist. Besides, you can delete them directly within the music app.

How to Delete Playlist on iPhone?

  1. Open the Music application.
  2. Click Playlists. Choose the one that you wish to delete.
iphone playlists
  1. Tap & hold the playlist name.
  2. Now, press Delete from Library.
delete iphone playlists
  1. On the pop-up, click the “Delete Playlist” to remove the given playlist from your device.
remove playlist


  1. Before deleting any of the available playlists, ensure to download the songs that you wish to store to the device.
  2. Deleting any playlist that is not downloaded would delete those music tracks from the iTunes Music Library.
  3. To start saving songs onto the music library once you add them to fresh playlists, launch settings, then pick Music, and toggle the tab that says “Add Playlist Songs”.

Using the above techniques, anyone asking “how to delete a playlist on iPhone” can delete them quite easily. if you enjoyed reading this article, don’t hesitate to share it with your followers and friends on popular social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Also, if you have additional tips and want to share them with our visitors, please use the comments box below. We would love to hear them.

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