How to Play Avi on iPhone?

Do you want to play .avi on iPhone easily without losing its quality? In this article, we’ll tell you some tips that will allow you to play AVI files on your iPhone device.

The steps are quite easy to follow and you can expect to get results just as you desire.

How Do I Watch an AVI File?

It is easy to play AVI files on your Apple device without having to convert them simply by installing a supported media player app such as VLC. On the iOS version, you can easily play various file formats like MKV, AVI, MPEG, etc. without any trouble. Plus, you can also copy the video files to your iPhone, iPod or iPad without iTunes.

Step by Step: How Can I Play AVI Files on My iPhone Using VLC?

As we know, an iPhone doesn’t allow video file download using the safari browser. To play AVI files on your iPhone, we need to transfer AVI files to VLC app. Below are the steps to transfer and play AVI files on iPhone.

  • Install the official app of the VLC Media Player.
  • Connect your iPhone to WiFi.
  • Launch the app and tap on the Network icon present at the bottom-right end.
Vlc Network Icon
  • Toggle on the Sharing via WiFi key. Remember the I.P address mentioned there. Now, you’re ready to transfer your AVI videos from other mobile, desktop or Mac to your Apple device.
Vlc Sharing Via WiFi
  • Next, enter the address you just copied on your desktop browser tab. Move each file that you would like to transfer.
Vlc Upload Drop Files
  • Once all the files are transferred, check the media library of your VLC player to see the latest AVI files you just added.
  • You’re now ready to play them on your iPhone device.

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How Do I Convert AVI to MP4 on the iPhone?

VideoProc allows you to convert any AVI file format to MP4 whilst also maintaining the original quality of the given file. VideoProc does not have any app for the iPhone, it only supports Windows or Mac. To convert AVI to MP4 on your iPhone, you can use apps like Video Converter.

How to Play .avi on iPhone using VideoProc?

  • Load the AVI videos that you want to convert. Press the Video icon for entering the video processing tab.
  • Press the +Video button for loading the AVI video that needs to be converted.
  • Users may also import multiple AVI videos simultaneously to process all the files rapidly.
  • Select MP4 as your output file format.
  • Move to Video at the lower section and pick MP4 H.264 as your output file.
  • For smaller size & better quality, select MP4 HEVC as your target output, in case you’re using iPhone 7 or later models. (Note: If you’re unaware of the best settings for your iPhone, simply pick the ready-made profiles as per your current iPhone model.)
  • Press Browse for saving the given video to your desired folder & press RUN.
  • Once processed, you will be able to use iTunes for synchronizing the converted videos to the iPhone and enjoy them at any time you want.

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