How to Record Mp3 on iPhone?

Apple offers a different method for saving voice recordings on an iPhone. The device saves your voice memos in .m4a format. So, if you send an email with your voice recording to folks who have devices having a different OS, the person won’t be able to play it unless it’s converted into mp3 format. So, in this article, we will discuss how to record mp3 on the iPhone for personal use and sending them to others.

How Do I Convert iPhone Recording to Mp3?

Once you recorded any audio in voice memos, choose to Save to Files. Select On My iPhone and choose the appropriate location. There are various sites which allows you to convert any media format to mp3. Among them, Zamzar is one of the best sites to convert media files. Visit, click Add Files, select Browse. Select the voice memo from the location where you saved it earlier. Click Convert Now and depending on the file size, it may take time to convert the file to mp3.

How To Record an Mp3 in iPhone?

It is possible to record an MP3 on an iPhone using a free application like “Voice Record Pro“. So, make sure you download it and proceed with the steps below.

Voice Recorder Pro iPhone
  • Launch the app
  • Tap on ‘Record’ button at the bottom.
  • Make sure that you’ve chosen ‘Advanced’ in the next menu.
Voice Recorder Pro Mp3 Settings
  • Here you can choose the recording format, bitrate, quality and much more.
  • The final Format must be ‘MPEG or MP3
  • Click ‘Rec
  • Once you’re done with the recording. Click ‘Stop
  • Pick your destination for storing the file and save it on your iPhone.
Voice Recorder Pro Save to Photos

How Do I Record Live Music/Video on My iPhone?

iPhone comes with an in-built known as Screen Recording that allows you to record the device screen with audio.

  • Visit Settings.
  • Then click Control Center.
iPhone Settings Control Center
  • Tap on Customise Controls.
iPhone Control Center Customize Controls
  • Tap on Screen Recording to switch it on.
  • Press the plus (+) button behind Screen Recording.
iPhone Screen Recording
  • Now the screen recording button is added to the Control Center and you can access it by swiping your screen from top to bottom.
Screen Recorder Option iPhone
  • If you are using an iPhone X or above, then you can access it by swiping the screen from the top right corner following battery and network symbol.
  • Press the record button to start/stop your recording.
  • Using this screen recording option, you can record any audio or video from browser and apps.

You’re now all set to use it or share it with your family and friends.

How Do you Record an Mp3 File on iPhone with AVR App?

Awesome Voice Recorder or AVR is the next option to record audio in mp3 format on your iPhone. It’s offered in both free as well as paid versions. Simply download the free version (contains ads) and follow the below steps to record mp3 on iPhone.

Awesome Voice Recorder
  • On the home screen of your application, press Settings.
Avr Settings
  • Scroll down to the section that says “Recording options“.
  • Pick the File Format.
  • Press –/+ icon for changing your sound format to mp3.
Avr Recordings Options
  • Visit the home screen. You’re now ready to start recording mp3 on iPhone.
  • After finished, you can choose to save the recording in Files.

How to Record Audio Calls on iPhone?

Apple by default doesn’t allow recording audio calls. But there are a lot of paid options like Automatic Call Recorder, whom you can try to record audio calls on your iPhone.

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