How to Turn off Music on iPhone?

iPhone music player let you add your favourite tracks from apple music and to listen anywhere you want. The player comes with the feature to repeat the song once or keep repeatedly playing whether a single song or playlist. If you are travelling then you may prefer to continue playing your favourite track or playlist. When you went to sleep while listening to music, then it might drain the phone battery if you fall asleep, and music is repeatedly playing. The music app runs in the background and plays songs until paused manually or the device turned off. There’s no automatic inbuilt feature in the app to stop playing music after some time. So here we are going to discuss various methods to Turn off the music on the iPhone. The following techniques are tested successfully in IOS 13.

How to disable repeat in the Music player?

It might be helpful if you are listening to a long playlist and don’t want to keep repeating the songs if you fall asleep. The music player offers the feature to repeat once or keep repeating. Play any playlist, open player by tapping song name at the bottom. Tap the repeat icon following Up Next and choose accordingly.

Turn off Music on iPhone Using Timer

The timer feature of the iPhone offers to stop playing music after a selected interval. You can set it to hours or minutes depending on the time of your choice. Here are the detailed steps below.

  • Open the Clock application on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the Timer tab present at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Now, pick the time using the time picker.
Clock App iPhone
  • After setting time, press When Timer Ends.
  • Scroll to the bottom and select Stop Playing.
Stop Music Timer
  • Tap Set at the top right corner on your screen display.
  • Press Start to initiate the timer.
  • Once the timer finished, it stops playing music.

Prevent iPhone from Autoplaying Music in Car

Apple CarPlay let you quickly connect your iPhone device to the CarPlay and enjoy your favourite tracks, make and receive calls/messages and more. Whenever you enter inside your car, your iPhone connects to CarPlay and start playing last played song. Sometimes it can be irritating or troublesome as your music list becomes audible to everyone sitting inside the car. Since Apple doesn’t have any specific solution to stop the IOS device from auto-playing music in the car. But few other workarounds may help you in this case. Find if there’s any feature in your car Bluetooth system to stop auto-playing. If now, then you can try to turn off the CarPlay in your iPhone. Below are the steps.

  • Launch Settings on your iPhone, then tap on Screen Time.
Iphone screen time settings
  • Choose Content & Privacy Restrictions (If you are using this for the first time, then your ios device may ask you to set a passcode.)
Screen time content privacy restrictions
  • Next, tap on Allowed Apps.
Screen time allowed apps
  • And then, turn off the CarPlay.
Iphone disable carplay

The above method restricts your device from auto-playing CarPlay. This method works only when your Bluetooth stereo doesn’t support official CarPlay system. And in rest case, it might not work.

How do I turn off Video Autoplay on iPhone?

If you’re one of those people who want to turn off app preview videos automatically playing while you are browsing the new stuff in the Apple Store, go through our step by step guide on how to turn off autoplay on iPhone below:

  • Open the settings section on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and press iTunes & App Store.
Itunes & app store
  • Tap on Video Autoplay.
Iphone video autoplay
  • Turn off the Video Autoplay Switch.
Iphone turn off video autoplay

Moreover, you can choose to auto-play app preview video over wifi only.

That’s all on how to turn off music or video on the iPhone. Hope you find the solution to your problem here. Please write your valuable feedback

7 thoughts on “How to Turn off Music on iPhone?”

  1. The solution in this article is for “CarPlay”. I’m not using carplay. I am connected via USB, so it see’e the iphone as an mp3 player. There are 2 frustrating things when connected USB.
    •When turning on the ignition while connected USB or plugging into the USB while the car is on, iTunes autoplays alphabetically. So, the exact same song starts playing every single time.
    •If I am playing an audiobook or listening to a podcast and I get a phone call or ask siri a question, after the call/siri ends, the iTunes alphabetic DJ starts up again.

  2. I have same problem.. whatever I was listening to last start up automatically when i get in my truck. Either you tube, audio books or amazon music. Whatever I was doing before last will just start up even if i was doing it in bed the night before.. This should be an option in the Car play menu on phone…. Maybe an update can fix it. Its a real problem..

  3. Apple becomes more and more unusable.
    Who’s decision was this annoying crap.
    Does not work on iOS 15+
    Real pita!!!
    Thank you apple! I will also never be buying an iPhone again.
    You will be killing the iPhone idea just by making it worse whatever you attempt to make new.


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