How to Send Large Video on WhatsApp iPhone?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular online platforms for chatting, sharing videos, pictures and audios with your family or friends. It’s quite easy to exchange messages to any individual or a group of people across the globe using WhatsApp. It’s the most economical, secure, fastest and easiest method to share info, voice call and video call. In spite of all these features, WhatsApp is completely free and do not require any paid subscription or serve any ads.

Use of Whatsapp

In day to day life, we shoot several photos and videos and share these with our friends or family. Or sometimes we greet or wish many people on special occasions and WhatsApp is the most convenient way to do this. However, WhatsApp is entirely free to use, but it comes with some restriction like file size limit you can share.
If you are a regular user of WhatsApp who loves to share photos or videos, then you might have faced the file size limit problem when you try to share huge files.

Send Large Video on WhatsApp

Limitations of Whatsapp

Today, In this world of smartphones, a video of 1 minute can be larger than 20 MB. Generally, it happens if you try to record videos in 4k quality. And if you are an iPhone user, then your default size might be much larger. Whatsapp allows you to send files that are up to 16 MB or less in size. If you try to share any file exceeding the above 16 MB size, then you may see a message that “media is above the maximum allowed size of 16 MB”. Here we are going to check out the methods about “how to send large video on WhatsApp iPhone“.

Sharing Large Video on WhatsApp

Now, let us check out the various methods about “how to send large video on WhatsApp iPhone”. Most of the ways work on every phone, whether its Symbian device or Android OS device and these do not require internal device functions. These methods include third-party cloud file hosting. But here we are going cover specifically an iPhone device.

1. Send the large video using the Files app.

Files is a default app in your iPhone where you can store any downloaded audio or other data. Using this method, we can share any audio, video or image file as document and up to or less than 128 MB. This method is quite easy and here are steps below.

Go to the Photos app on your iPhone and choose the video below 128 MB whom you want to share.
Select Share Option at the bottom left side and scroll to the base at the next window.

Copy Videos to File App

Choose On My iPhone and select the desired folder to copy the file.

File App Iphone

Open WhatsApp and choose the contact to whom you want to share the file.
Tap (+) plus option and select Document.

Send File as document iphone

Select the file you just copied to Files folder, and WhatsApp will start to upload the file.

Send Large File Whatsapp

2. Trim or compress video file on your iPhone

The Second method is to trim your lengthy video or compress it using third-party apps. Since iPhone by default provides the feature to trim video but to compress we need third party apps. First of all, here are steps below on how to cut video on iPhone.

1. Launch the Photos app on your iPhone and choose the desired file.
2. Press the Edit option at the front right of your display.
3. Select start and the end timing using the right/left anchor below video.
4. Press Done and the file will be saved and overwrite the existing one.
5. Now you can share the trimmed file to any of your WhatsApp contact.

Since by default iPhone doesn’t provide an inbuilt feature to compress videos. You can use a free third-party video compressor app to reduce your video size.

3. Using Google Drive Cloud Hosting

Google Drive is a cloud platform which allows you to store and share various files with your friends. And this is one of the best file hosting services where you can upload and share media files. It comes with free 15 GB storage.

Google drive iphone thumb

It’s quite easy to upload files on google drive. Login to google drive using their app or web portal using Gmail account.
Choose the desired file to upload. Once uploaded, copy the download link provided to you upon successful upload.
Open the WhatsApp, select desired contact and share the link.
You can also share this link on various social networking platforms and can also restrict or authorise people.

4. Using Dropbox app for iPhone

Dropbox is another free popular cloud file hosting service which lets anyone share video, text, audio files using their iPhone, Android or desktop.

Dropbox app for iPhone
  1. First of all, download and install the Dropbox app from the app store.
  2. Open the Dropbox app, and sign up with your valid information.  
  3. At Home Screen tap (+) plus option at the bottom and select “Create or Upload File“. Create a new folder of the name of your choice.
  4. Now option will pop up asking you to choose format. Select Upload File and choose Browse.
  5. Keep in Mind; Dropbox free version does not allow camera uploads. Ony pro users are allowed to use this feature.
  6. Choose the video in the Files folder, select folder in dropbox app.
  7. Now tap Set Location and select Upload (As mentioned above, you can copy any video from Photos app to Files app).
  8. The video will now start uploading on the Dropbox cloud storage. It may take time to finish uploading depending on the size of your file and internet speed. 
  9. On successful upload, press (…) dots in front of the name of your video. On the next screen, choose the share option.  
  10. Press on the “Share” option, then choose “Create a link”.  
  11. Once link created and copied automatically, select WhatsApp then choose any contact for sending the file.  

Whenever the person clicks on this link, they’ll be able to download it on their device.

Final Conclusion:

Hopefully, the above ideas of How to Send Large Video on WhatsApp iPhone that we provided in this article helped you to overcome your issue. You can choose any of the above methods. If you’ve any additional tips/feedback, then please write in the comments section below this post.

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