How to View the Content of iPhone Backup?

iTunes always prompt to save or automatically backup iPhone when connected to pc. If you ever required to view the photos/contacts/chat/messages from your old or current iPhone backup, then you are at right place. In this article, I am going to cover how to view the content of iPhone backup for free. iTunes offers both encrypted and non-encrypted backups but this method allows to view the content of both type of backups.

What is a backup?

Backup is an excellent way to keep our phone data (like pics/chats etc) safe whether at cloud storage or on your pc. It is helpful when we lost our phone or when the phone gots dead for unknown reasons. Backup stores the copy of your device data to another device.

How to Backup iPhone?

Whenever we connect iPhone to PC, the iTunes automatically starts backing up the data of iPhone. Once backed up, we can find the backup in
iTunes -> Edit Menu -> Preferences -> Devices -> Device Backup
Here, we can also delete iPhone backup or disable Auto-Sync.

How to view pictures from iPhone backup?

Not only picture, but we can also get even chats, contacts, videos from iPhone backup. Doesn’t matter which IOS version it is or it was. For this, we need to install a third-party application/software on our Windows OS PC or Mac.

This app offers both paid and free version and free version let you do all thing we want. Go to the link and download the iBackup Viewer for free on both platforms Windows and Mac. If you like the functionality of this app, you can purchase the premium version at just 39.95$. The pro version allows extracting media from iPhone backups.
This app allows to view the contacts, chat, WhatsApp chat, pics and videos from iPhone backup and this app/software is completely safe.

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How to view the content of iPhone Backup?

Download the app, and install it to the respective OS. Open the app (make sure there must be backup of any iPhone device in iTunes).

Choose the backup.

iBackup Viewer

At next windows, we can choose from the list of available menus like iMessage, WhatsApp, Contacts etc.

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iPhone Backup Viewer

Choose accordingly.

There are lot of Apps/Softwares in the market which offers the same functionally for premium user. Some of them are of no use. iBackup Viewer is the best option, because its free and supports both Mac and Windows.

If you face any problem, then please write in the comment box below.

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