Web Hosting vs Dedicated Server! Which is Best?

If you are planning to start a new website and confused whether to choose web hosting or own dedicated server, then you are the right place. Depending on your requirement, i’ll tell you what to choose. Before starting let’s know the pros and cons of web hosting and dedicated server.

Pros of Dedicated server

Pros of Using Dedicated Server

A dedicated server lets you complete control over your site. You are free to install any package, database of your choice, change restrictions like file upload limit, etc. Also, you can choose to use apache, Nginx, or Plesk or also can modify settings according to your needs. Today most dedicated server plans are cheap and come with unlimited bandwidth and huge disk space. Unlike other web hosting plans which come with fixed bandwidth, limited disk space, and limited accounts/domains, a dedicated server allows you to create unlimited site accounts/domain and to use all of the server resources as per your needs. Option to choose the country of your server which is best for local SEO.

Cons of Using Dedicated Server

Now about the cons, dedicated server need to be monitered carefully, as you have to manage it by yourself. If you are planning to use user interface like cPanel, you need to pay for their costly license. Diagnosing dedicated server for errors is most painful if you are a newbie. You need to install every package manually.

Pros of Using Web Hosting

Web hosting or shared hosting is very easy to use as it comes loaded with most of the packages. No need to manage it by yourself as web hosting provider manage it. Most of the hosting plans comes with user interface like cPanel already installed. Additional support to resolve customer issues. Comes with one click install scripts like wordpress.

Cons of Using Web Hosting

No control over other server resources, so you can’t install any additional package. The web hosting provider can suspend your account any time if they found you are using additional resources or mistakenly violated any of their terms and conditions. Web hosting or shared hosting speed is comparatively slower than a dedicated server. Limited option to choose the country of the web hosting server.

Hosting or Server? What to choose?

If you are a newbie and know nothing about how to install a server, then you can choose a good hosting company and plans. If you still want a dedicated server, then you can buy managed dedicated server but it’ll cost you almost double your server’s original cost. Also, there are many services that manage your server at some cost. Dedicated servers are quite cheap these days with the liberty to choose the country of your choice. I personally suggest you choose Online.net dedicated server. Their plan starts from 11.99 Euro and the datacenter uptime is very good. If you are looking for a speed and high-performance server, then I suggest you choose Nginx over apache (Cpanel). Nginx is quite lightweight and takes around 15 minutes to completely set up everything. I am using Nginx for the last 4-5 years and I never faced any server or performance issue. Here’s a screenshot of one of my busiest servers and I haven’t restarted it for more than 357 days.

Now I think it’s clear that what to choose according to your requirements. If you have any question then please write in the comment box below.