What Does CRV Stand for on a Honda and Comparisons?

If you’re one of those asking what is the meaning of CRV on Hondas, keep reading. Here, we’ll discuss what these strange letters mean in the nomenclature of Honda?

CRV is a short form of Comfortable Runabout Vehicle.

CRV is also Honda’s most popular crossover SUV. It utilizes the Civic platform as its base. Additionally, some people also relate CRV to ‘Compact/Comfortable Recreational Vehicle’. The CRV uses a 2.0 L I-4 engine on Honda that’s available both in turbo-diesel & petrol versions in the market.

What do CRV and HRV stand for?

We already discussed what CRV means on a Honda. Let us now discuss what HRV stands for. HRV is an acronym for HiRider Revolutionary Vehicle. This model is a subcompact crossover SUV that’s mentioned as ‘HRV’ for easy understanding.

Some folks also mention HRV to be an abbreviation for ‘High-clearance Recreation Vehicle’ that focuses on higher ground clearance. Nonetheless, some see it as ‘Honda Recreational Vehicle’.

What is the Difference Between an HRV and a CRV?

Both the Honda HRV and CRV are very impressive crossover SUVs. However, Honda CRV provides more gadgets, more safety add-ons, more gadgets, more cargo and interior space, whilst also offering almost the same fuel consumption as its smaller companion.

Nonetheless, don’t dismiss the HRV yet. It’s a superb subcompact crossover SUV. There are some reasons why it lags behind the Honda CRV in several key aspects. To start with, the base price of HRV is $4,000 economical than CRV. So, it makes sense for a CRV to offer these premium features.

Hence, for people who have a tight budget, an HRV can be a better option than CRV since it provides all the features of a crossover SUV at an economical price. If you can afford a CRV, then, we suggest you go with it.

What’s the Difference Between Honda CRV EX and EXL?

Honda CRV EXL & Honda CRV EX both include a 1.5 Litre I4 engine. Thanks to the variable transmission, the motor generates 179 lb-ft of torque & 190HP. Each of their trims features either an all-wheel or front-wheel drive. The EX-L & EX easily seat up to 5 passengers and come with heated seats for front passenger and driver.

Both feature dual-zone auto-climate control that enables the front passenger and the driver to set custom temperatures during travel. The trims provide sophistication and style, however, Honda EXL comes with a small notch featuring leather-wrapped shift kob and steering and leather-trimmed interior. Hence, there’s very little difference between Honda CRV EX and EXL. Both of them provide impressive performance, adequate space, and excellent technological features.

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