What is Call Time on iPhone – Where to Find?

Call time is one of the basic features that’s included in all types of mobile phones. In an iPhone, the call time is the total time a person spends on calls using their network carrier. However, note that the call time does not add data usage or FaceTime to the final number. We hope this answers your question “what does call time mean on iPhone”.

How Can I See the Total Call Time on my iPhone?

Below is the method to see the call time on your iPhone having OS above 12 or 13:

  • Go to Settings,
  • Tap Mobile Data.
iPhone Settings Mobile Data
  • Scroll down to the bottom.
  • Below iCloud Drive, there’s an option Call time.
  • Find your total call time stats in front of Lifetime Period.

Here, you can see the total call time in days/hours. If you want to reset total call time statistics. You can choose the Reset Statistics option below Call Time.

[ It seems like there are some issues with IOS 13. Possiblities are there that you may not get any option of call time in IOS 13.1.3 or IOS 13.2.3. ]

iPhone Call Time Missing

Why Does My Call Fail after 4 hours iPhone?

Every time a call fails on the iPhone, it indicates that your device has lost connection to the tower of your network operator. Also, it can be possible that your network operator has set the call limit of 4 hours. There may be multiple reasons why this must be happening. One reason can be your iPhone may be too low for keeping the communication going.

Also, the radio may be overheating after being operated for such a long time & unable to function within the specifications. Another possible reason may be that your network provider has some feature that shows an error message whenever a call goes on for such a long time. These are only a few of the possible causes why a call may fail after 4 hours on the iPhone.

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