When Did I Buy My iPhone? How to Find?

Many people want to buy mobile devices through eCommerce sites these days. While purchasing from popular e-commerce stores like Flipkart, Paytm, or Amazon, there is a small chance you may get ‘duped’ or receive an old iPhone model under the impression of the new one. You can find specific cases where people have paid for a new device but got an old one. So, it is not bad to ask yourself “when did I buy my iPhone”.

How Can I Find the Purchase Date of My iPhone?

Find the age of your iPhone through the serial number.
To know your iPhone age, you must know its serial number. This can be located in “Settings”

  1. Go to General in Settings.
  2. Scroll to the About section.
  3. Pick Serial Number.

The serial number offers you 2 ways for determining your device’s age. The first one includes though the support page of Apple that lets you check the warranty period of your device. In case, this does not work, the “Chipmunk” service allows iPhone users to check its age free of cost.

Know the Purchase Date Via an Apple Warranty Query

The “Check Coverage” site of Apple helps you determine its age by identifying the expiry date of its warranty period:

  • To begin, launch the “Check Coverage” page using your desktop, Mac or iPhone.
  • Enter the serial number and captcha within the provided fields, tap “Continue”.
Check Warranty Apple Iphone
  • The following page will offer info about the expiry date of the device’s warranty.
iPhone Service and Support Coverage

You’ll now be easily able to check the iPhone purchase date by seeing the warranty period. Not exactly, but you may be able to know whether this device is under warranty or not. As you mostly get a 1-year warranty from Apple on each of its products. Moreover, if there’s an extended warranty it might be confusing to find ‘when did I buy my iPhone’.

Note that you will not see any expiry date in case your iPhone model is over 12 months old. At this point, you’re required to use the “Chipmunk” online tool.

How Do I Find Out When My iPhone Was Activated Using Chipmunk?

“Chipmunk” is a dutch site that provides you information on the production week and year of your iPhone free of cost.

  1. Browse to the official site of “Chipmunk” using desktop, Mac and or an iPhone.
  2. Add the serial number inside the provided field.
Chipmunk Tool

  • Press “Show the information”.
  • You will now see the age of your iPhone by calculating the Production year and week.
iPhone Purchase Date Chipmunk

We have already tested the above site and found that it offers precise info to the user. However, although the site offered the age of iPhone X, in the case of an iPhone -7 Plus model, we weren’t able to know the important data. Hence, it may be possible that each model of an iPhone may have different information on the site. Still, we would suggest that you use the site and see how it works for your device.

Using the above tips, you won’t have to ask “How Can I Know My Mobile Purchase Date?” for an Apple device again. Do share your ideas in the comments below.

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